DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG ENTRY #18: Why I Shu–actually, you know what, screw it, I’m just gonna get to the point

Seriously, get to the point!


You only have so much time to read or listen to my audioblog. Especially if you have other emails to answer, other auditions to do, live in a busy market, have other projects to edit…you gut stuff to do. I get it. However, over the weekend, I was reminded of just how busy our world is, and I was grateful for the reminder.

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of corresponding with a family friend, an actor who lives in Los Angeles and has lived there for quite some time. I’m moving there (late this year or early next year, there are a few x factors involved), and he was extremely kind and generous with all of the info that he provided. It started out with an in-person meeting, progressed to some back-and-forth emails, and culminated in a phone call. In my opinion, though, the most interesting part of the whole conversation I had with him on the phone was towards the end. He said…

“Also, Dave, just one last quick thing…the emails that you sent me…they were long. Really, REALLY long. I totally get it, ’cause I’m the same way, I love to include as many details as I can to give people a complete understanding of the situation, so I don’t mind it personally, but…send those emails to the average person in LA, and you will overwhelm them. The acting business in LA operates on a lightning-fast business model, so you need to get to the point and quick. I’m not saying you should change who you are, or anything like that, I’m just telling you that, in LA…you got to get to the point, and quick, because on their best days, the main bullet points are all the people in LA have time for. Often they don’t even have time for those. Less is more.”

Okay, sorry for puttin’ that cheesy reverb effect on the “less is more” bit, but I did that for the sake of emphasis. “Less is more,” in case you didn’t notice, has become the defacto principle of communication. I noticed it myself even before he pointed it out, but the fact that I went ahead with super-lengthy emails despite knowing how overwhelming they can be demonstrated that this principle can be easy to forget. I’ve mentioned before that, while I’m a humble person, if you ever see me boast about one thing, it’ll be my kung-fu typing speed. That, combined with the fact that I like to talk, usually results in really lengthy emails, audioblog entries, and forum posts.

Well, the forum posts aren’t going to be shortened. Or the audioblog entries (except for this one, for the sake of thematic consistency). Emails, though? Less is more. The very fact that a social network like Twitter exists proves that people are less and less interested in long details, they just want to get to the point. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if eventually they’re just gonna create a social network where all of your posts are limited to one letter, with every letter meant to be shorthand for something. Like…


Which will eventually be short-hand for, “Of course, good sir, I will gladly attend your party this evening after making the proper transportation arrangements.”

All of that to say…be polite, tell people what they want to know…but get to the point. In fact, I apologize if you listened to this, considering how busy our schedules are. As an act of repentance, if you’re listening to the audio narration of this entry, I will now speed up the speed of the audioblog entry so that you can get it in a more time-appropriate format.


DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG Entry #1: Why I Broke Down…no, I mean why I broke down and got a blog. What did you think I meant?

This is a picture of a blog. What? Can’t you tell?


“You should have a blog”….

If I had a nickel for every time someone has said that to me…I’d have about $20.00…I mean, ya know. Ish.

I resisted getting a blog for the longest time. The reasons were many, of course. I was afraid I would never have anything to talk about, that I wouldn’t have something of value to say, that nobody would be interested, that I wouldn’t have the time…the list goes on and on. I thought that a blog wouldn’t serve much of a purpose and essentially be reduced to a “glorified bonus” to my online presence.

I now believe I was wrong, though. So, appropriately enough, I figured my first blog post should be about just that–the reason why I was wrong.

In the end, it simply comes down to the fact that we live in an ADD world.

And by the way, that’s not to offend people who have ADD–my younger sister has it, after all–but rather, that was intended as a jab at society at large. We live in a world where people expect you to get to the point. It seems that every time some new method of communication is invented, people all of a sudden expect you to get the point faster than you already were. Long, long ago we just simply talked to each other. And then we invented letters. Why? Because it was annoying to, ya know, WALK…to talk to somebody, so we figured it would save us the trouble and maybe a little bit of hassle. Then phones were invented. Why? Because people didn’t want to wait for letters. They wanted to just get to the point. Then answering machines were invented, because we don’t actually want to have a conversation, we want you to just leave a message and get to the point. Then cell phones were invented. After all, why should we wait for you to get home? We want you to get to the point, even if it means calling you in the middle of your off-time. Then we invented the internet, because we don’t want to through the hassle of paying phone bills for long-distance calls: we want your response on our own time and at our own convenience! Then we invented social media sites like MySpace and Facebook, because we didn’t want to be so formal–we want you to get to the freaking point in a few sentences! And then, TWITTER! We want you TO GET TO THE FREAKING POINT RIGHT FREAKING NOW IN ONE FREAKING SENTENCE!!!

…Ugh. You get the drill. Upon re-examining today’s ADD, “get to the point” world, we don’t really talk anymore. At all. Our lives are so busy that we don’t really operate like people anymore. So, from my perspective, blogs are actually pretty cool in that regard. We get to write longer, more detailed stuff that reminds us that there are, in fact, real people behind those faceless Twitter accounts.

That goes for me too. My web site, DaveWallaceVO.com, is much shorter, and written with an ADD, “get-to-the-point” mentality. Conversely, my blog is more expansive (…or rather it will be, once I put more entries in). I figured that if you’re interested, you can get to know Dave Wallace the guy rather than Dave Wallace the VO artist. So by all means, feel free to comment, give me your thoughts, say whatever you like. This blog is my place to be a tad more open and personal. In the interest of honesty, the focus will still be relatively VO-oriented, but not exclusively so. So, stay tuned, stick around, and see what I have to talk about!