DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG ENTRY #32: Remember What Matters

Feel Free To Listen:
Typically whenever I do an audioblog entry it’s written out ahead of time and then I read off of that script. But as a gesture of sincerity towards the words that I’m about to say, this time around I just decided to speak first and then transcribe later for those who prefer to read.

The reason there won’t be a regular audioblog entry this week is because I don’t feel that me talking about VO-related matters, in light of what happened with the “Dark Knight Rises” incident would be appropriate, basically. But for however little my words mean, there is something that I’d like to say to anybody who follows me on a regular basis, and that’d be this:

Remember what matters in life.

Somebody once told me that, “You can’t do VO for money, ’cause you’ll never be happy. The only way you’re truly gonna be happy is if you find personal happiness in the experiences you share with your loved ones.”

So take a moment to think about that, is all I’ll say. Think about the people who are important in your life. If they’re friends, give them a call and ask to hang out for a bit. If they’re family members, take an opportunity to give them a call this weekend and tell them you love them. Or, better yet, if you can reach out to them in person, give them a big hug and tell them you love them. ‘Cause when you really get down to it I do believe that it’s the people in your life that matter the most.