|| Subject 5: Social Media ||


This is the “Social Media” section. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t consider myself a social media guru. In fact, a lot of social media “experts” get laughed at for calling themselves that because there really isn’t much that can be done to prove one’s expertise in that field. Furthermore, social media is changing…all. The. Freakin.’ Time. Someone once told me never to invest in SEO because Google is constantly changing its search algorithms…okay, by now it might be apparent that while I’m not an expert in it, I’m interested in it, and like to write about social media observations with regard to VO. Heck, Entry #16 is about how a war of words on the internet led to the inclusion of two voice casts for a video game! So if you’re interested in that kinda stuff, it’s here for your perusal!

PS: If you only get one thing out of this section, let it be this–please, please, PLEASE, when you’re sending an invite to connect on Linkedin, write a custom Linkedin invitation rather than using the stock one…I almost always turn down the stock invitation (and I talk about why in Entry #8).



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