|| Subject 4: Show Biz ||


This is the “show biz” section. It’s my belief that VO does fall under the category of “show biz.” Every piece of voice-over does require acting to a degree, and while the art of acting may be fun, the business of acting is extremely competitive, bordering on cutthroat at times. Don’t worry, though, I talk about a bit of both the fun side and the dark side…and yes, I always say “dark side” with an English accent, because otherwise it just feels like something’s missing…………oh C’MON, you know I’m right!

While I initially thought it was one of my weaker efforts, I received a lot of positive feedback about Entry #13, in which I (half)-jokingly referred to all actors as “morons” for wanting to pursue an acting career, using real-life Hollywood stories of how the business doesn’t always work out in the actor’s favor. Let’s just say that you may not know who David Prowse or Mercedes McCambridge are, but that’s kinda sad considering that everyone knows what they did.

Anyways, those kinds of entries are below, so check ’em out if you’re interested!



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