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When I first started this blog, it was still very much an experiment. I only wrote three entries in 2011, so there was only one page…the “home” page. Since then, I have written 26 entries (as of this writing), and I decided that I like this enough that I’m going to keep doing it! So, if this is your first time here, then lemme give ‘ya a quick tour.

The “Home” page can basically be thought of as my archives. My entries are listed there in the order they were written, with the latest at the top and the earliest at the bottom. I’m sure if you type something into the “Search” bar at the upper right corner of this blog then you might be able to find a topic that interests you, but I decided to go a bit farther by dividing all of my entries into subjects, which you can find above in the black header bar: “Audio Technology (WARNING: NERD MATERIAL!),” “Business Matters,” “Personal Stuff,” “Show Biz,” and “Social Media.” Kinda self-explanatory, really, but click on one of those subjects to find a list of all the entries of mine that fit into that subject, along with a little audio introduction by me.

Be forewarned, some of them overlap. For example, Entry #13 is just as much a discussion of show biz as it is a public, personal declaration of mine to passionately pursue my acting career.

Still, that should make things easier, right? So what are ya’ waitin’ for? Go ahead and click one of the subjects to begin!


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