|| Subject 1: Audio Technology (WARNING: NERD MATERIAL!) ||


This is the “Audio Technology” section…..WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!!! YOU ARE ENTERING THE NERD ZONE! YOU ARE ENTERING THE NERD ZONE! DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! FAILURE TO RETREAT MAY RESULT IN YOUR EXPOSURE TO GEEKY STUFF THAT YOU DID NOT NEED TO KNOW!…Unless you’re into that stuff, of course. I found that a few years into my VO career, I really liked the more technological side of VO, and began pursuing an audio engineering career in addition to my VO career. So I’m totally sympathetic to those who want to learn more about the techie stuff!

Besides, you’d be interested what you learn, even if you’re not into techie stuff. For example, Entry #9 is about how the Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic became one of the most popular voice-over mics…not because of its sound, but because a guy named Ernie Anderson (father of “There Will Be Blood” director Paul Thomas Anderson) wanted to be comfortable, and was very vocal when he wasn’t, saying things like…

ERNIE: If I had a horse…I’d buy it oats and **** it.

(I have no earthly clue what the context of that blooper was, but the origin story of the 416, and Ernie’s hilarious ((censored)) blooper reel, are on Entry #9.)

So there’s stuff for nerds and non-nerds here. Have at it!



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