Were it possible for me to post a picture of the poster for the movie, “Cop Out,” I would. Since that’s not legally possible for copyright issues, I decided to just use the trailer of the film. Which is legal, for some reason…how does that work? Oh, well. The reason I’m putting it there is because this weekend, I’m moving, so I haven’t had time to think of an audioblog entry of sufficient merit…I’m coping out this week.

However, for the sake of not *entirely* copping out, I do have one minor thing that my regular readers may wish to take note of. Since I started writing/voicing my audioblog, I didn’t know if it was going to turn into anything substantial or not. It was just a glorified experiment (at best). However, in the time that has passed since then, I decided that I really like blogging, and that I’m gonna keep doing it! Since I’m gonna keep doing it, though, I decided that “DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG” was in need of some organization, rather than a giant list of entries (which is what it has been so far).

So…to that end…I have divided all of my audioblog entries into sections, each one about a particular subject, and each one containing a short audio intro by me. Click “|| Navigate This Blog! ||” to learn more about them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to disassemble my booth…oh, man…this ain’t gonna be fun.


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