DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG ENTRY #27: Happy Father’s Day, Dad!



Among the people who get automatic email notification for whenever I post a new audioblog entry, my mother is one of them…but since I already wrote an audioblog entry for my mother on Mother’s Day, it only makes sense that I’d make one for my father on Father’s Day! Like before, there will undoubtedly be some people who cringe or roll their eyes at the fact that I’m using my audioblog for “mushy stuff”…and like before, I will say to those people…too bad, it’s my blog!

For those who don’t know, my name is actually Dave Wallace Jr. Dave Wallace Sr. is a brilliant man, and while I don’t think I inherited my dad’s brain power, I like to believe I inherited his determination (which is a nicer word for “stubbornness,” as I inherited that from him too). To put it lightly, he’s good at what he does, and if I can turn into just as successful a voice actor as he is a lawyer, that’ll be quite the feat…but it’s for his compassion that I am most proud to be his son. I’m not the best at returning phone calls, but that has never stopped him from calling me all the time to ask how I’m doing, and I’m grateful for every single time.

So Dad, I’m not sure whether you’ll read this first or see me first come Sunday morning–well, I suppose “today” might be the more appropriate word, but I’m recording this in advance–but either way…I love you!


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