DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG ENTRY #22: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

I’m talented at certain things. Photoshop isn’t one of ’em.


Among the people who get automatic email notification for whenever I post a new audioblog entry, my mother is one of them…so I figured, Mom, that this might be a good thing for you to wake up to! Undoubtedly there will be some people who cringe or roll their eyes at the fact that I’m using my audioblog for “mushy stuff.” To those people, I will simply say this: too bad, it’s my blog!

Nothing voice acting-related will be found in this particular entry. Well, kinda. Other than my public proclamation that, as moronic of me as it was to decide to pursue voice acting (half-joking…I’m referencing an earlier audioblog entry), a career with very little in the way of job security, my mother always been one of my biggest supporters. I can’t speak for everyone, but I certainly hope that you have a mother who has been as supportive as mine has. As time goes on, I have come to realize just how much my parents want me to be happy and to succeed–

–On that note, thanks Dad, I love you so much too, I’m just making this one to Mom seeing as it’s Mother’s Day. :)–

–and I could not be more grateful. So Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!


One thought on “DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG ENTRY #22: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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