2 thoughts on “DAVE’S AUDIOBLOG Entry #2: Why I Went Into Hiding…no, I mean why I don’t have a picture or video of myself. What did you think I meant?

  1. This is a good topic and it’s nice to hear your thoughts – especially as you mention both sides of the coin. I can never decide. For years I went without a face and had a logo, too, (I think I still prefer that) but I’m also in the writing business where people frequently say they want to see an ‘author photo’. Tricky, tricky. It’s also odd, because in both instances it’s rare that people actually know what voice actors and writers look like.

    I really enjoy your blog. Your voice is great!

    • Hello again, Willow!

      What you say is very true, it is rare that people know–or for that matter, care–about what voice actors or authors look like. I read the first three Harry Potter books before I had the slightest clue of what JK Rowling looked like.

      I typically find that if I look up what a voice actor looks like, it becomes a bit more difficult for me to accept them as their character. It has nothing to do with a lack of acting talent, either, they’re still doing the same great jobs that they did before I saw their faces…but when you’re introduced to animated characters, you come to recognize them as animation, and to see them looking like real people is a major breach of the fourth wall, y’know?

      Thanks for reading/listening, and thanks again for your nice words on my voice!

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